Review for ARForms WordPress Forms – Form Builder Plugin

ARForms is a premium WordPress Form Builder Plugin for creating unlimited responsive contact forms. It is fully responsive and easy-to-use plugin by which single contact and complex multi-page forms can be created by anyone without any use of the code.

After, you can display the collected data and graphs as well. ARForms WordPress supports both single and multi-step support as per your need. Many contact forms like Contact Us, Opt-in, Enquiry, Survey, and Quotation which can be built easily by using ARForms.

Using the plugin of ARForms is pretty easy by which you can create, and customize the elegant forms. Besides, you can also receive the data of Form Submission through email and store that data in the database that can be transferred to CSV.

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ARForms is one of the finest and most robust plugins which is very flexible, and intelligent plugin with superb support. Besides, it has easy and advanced options in the admin panel and no experience needed to operate it.

ARForms has the conditional logic support that’s why it has the display that shows logic email, logic hide, as well as the logic redirect those are the unique features given.

It also provides an offer that can extend your chances with add-ons. With the help of our WordPress Form Builder Plugin, you can customize the form and the mail contents with simple markup. ARForms WordPress forms Builder Plugin is made simple with drag and drop options and one-click functionality as well.

Our Form Builder Plugin works in all major browsers and is compatible with WordPress versions 4.5 and its above.

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ARForms WordPress Form Builder Plugin provides you the great styling along with the themes for your form. Our services are greatly suited for both beginner and advanced web designers as well.

Hence, using the ARForms, it is very easy to use the interface for the beginners to create a responsive contact page within minutes. Besides, using our WordPress Form Builder Plugin, you can build the contact form within minutes by using shortcodes or ARForms widget.

Some other great features also available for developers like to utilize built-in hooks, filters, and custom field templates by which developers build or submit the form using ARForms as a framework.

Functionality Of ARForms WordPress Form Builder Plugin –

ARForms wordpress forms

With ARForms WordPress Form Builder Plugin, you can easily build and publish your multiple WordPress forms with your total control in few minutes.

With our builder plugin, no hardship of building form, you can just click and submit the form in a quick way. Choose your own fields, configure your options and easily embed forms on your WordPress-powered site using the ARForms unique built-in tools function.

ARForms allows you to publish the complex quote without touching any code. Just click on the options and you will have the fully functional form in no time. With our Form Builder option,

Using our form builder option, you can make the drag and drop easily at your one click that works in all major browsers. ARForms has great options and settings for the beginners as well as for professionals.

With our conditional logic, you can build interactive forms by which you can collect the data you need without great user experience.

ARForms WordPress From Builder Plugin has some phenomenal features like Advanced Security, SSL Encryption, Password Protection or Captcha.

ARForms Form Builder Plugin Features –

  1.  Multiple Add-Ons Options –

With ARForms WordPress Form Builder Plugin, you can explore the functionality with the basics. Also, you can replace your existing Payment Gateways and integrate them in an easy way. With our Add-Ons feature, many incredible features Get Response and others are included for doubling the user-experience.

2. Responsive –

ARFroms WordPress Form Builder Plugin is designed and developed as responsiveness at its core. It has a display resolution ready option by which your WordPress Form will look better through Smartphone, Tablet, or Smartwatch. So it creates beautiful forms compatible with every device.

Full Documentation –

With the help of ARForms WordPress Form Builder, you can load in the post editor and main admin page to be enqueued. Besides, documentation is very useful to add email marketing tool with its configuration options from outside in ARForms.

                3. Drag & Drop Option –

In ARForms WordPress Form Builder Plugin, drag and drop is one of the great functionality provided which is a breeze to use. With our clean GUI feature, you can work in behind the scene applying which you can drag the item where you’ve to place in the form. It’s simple to create complex, and awesome forms.

Triggers, Conditional Logic, and Maths Formulas –

With the latest features of ARForms, you can greatly avail the conditional logic feature by which you can show/hide the particular field. Besides, the user can also send emails or trigger integration and use math formulae to keep updated in a live shopping cart.

WordPress Front-End Editor –

With ARForm WordPress Form Builder Plugin, you edit form entries, submissions & user-created pages or posts. Front-end editing feature is uninterrupted and simple.

Create a Graph and Chart Form Data –

With this feature, you can display stats from entries and can also graph your data in great styles. It also auto updates during the arrival of new data.

Cascading Fields –

Using ARForms WordPress Form Builder Plugin, you cascade fields to display. It can be used to drill down for getting the final value.

Multiple File Upload Forms –

Using our WordPress Form Builder Plugin, you can easily upload documents, files, photos, music, without any limit. Also, users can upload files as featured images, or email attachments in a page, post or custom view.

Email Address and Password Fields Confirmation –

ARForms provides the duly check option for the email address or password if it is a typos error. With this option confirmation fields, you can only allow form submission when both match.

Email Notifications –

With our WordPress Form Builder Plugin, you can create customized email notifications for an increasing number of customers. Also, it automatically gets the submission of the data in the form to the people who want it.

Flexible Layout Design –

ARForms WordPress Form Builder Plugin is built in CSS classes that allow you to build complex, and mobile responsive form layouts in a great style. It looks perfect with your theme.

Form Templates For Instant Form Building –

Our Form Builder Plugin has the templates using which you can easily be customized to your unique requirements.